Tired of the “same ol’ same ol’” computer generated “art”? Looking for good old fashion, hand drawn images that reflect your imagination, your brand, your style? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve created everything from team tee shirts and company logos to brand shirts and book illustrations… let us create something unique for you!

(There is a form at the bottom of this spiel for you to fill in.... But first, here are all the details….)


Contact us via the form below – please provide us with details about yourself and what it is you are after, including:

The details of what you want:

Is it a graphic for a new business tee … or a drawing for your sports team shirt?

Your company/sports group/brand details:

So we can see who you are and get a feel for your look

References to any of our artwork that you particularly like:

Please explain why – so we get a feel for the style you prefer

We will then contact you back, clarify your brief and give you a quote and timeframe:

If you are happy to proceed, we will then send you an invoice requesting a 50%, deposit for us to get started on your design.


We will sketch up a concept drawing – this is pretty much our interpretation of what you have told us… in our own unique way! It will typically be a basic hand sketch showing the layout, the composition and the “guts” of the image. This is where we collaborate with you the most. We want your feedback! Changes/likes/dislikes can all be discussed and worked through here.

The “Details” are done – This is where Nick goes to work creating the details of the image – adding the shading, making things unique and giving the graphics depth.  This is where the image comes to life.

We will now digitalise the image so that we can email it to you as a high res digital file – which you can simply give to your printer so that your items can be printed!

During the process, we’ll flick the image back and forth between us and work to ensure you love the final product!  Our lines of communication stay open throughout the process.  However please remember, major changes are going to be time consuming if they happen after our initial brief is agreed upon. Our designs are drawn by hand – they are not created by cutting or pasting images on a computer – we are “old school” and our designs reflect this – so we limit our changes to 4 per design.  Any more may incur further costs.

We will either email you your completed high res image to print or we can arrange printing on your behalf.

(Disclaimer: some smaller images or logos may skip some of these steps – it depends on your actual brief)


Can you print the tee’s for us?

Yes - we can certainly arrange to have them printed for you. It typically becomes more cost effective for you too.

Is our drawing going to be in black and white or colour?

We quote to draw in single colour - if you want full colour this can be discussed and added to your quote.

How much does it cost?

Our images start at $400.00 and are then priced according to the details in the brief. There are many hours work involved in creating an image and we charge accordingly.

How many changes can I make to my idea as its drawn?

Its really important you are clear in your brief and make any large changes right at the start because once Nick starts drawing, he's going to design something in his own "style". So please review Nick's work and decide if thats the style for you! Sometimes, just the basic bones of an idea are all we need, because he loves to get those creative juices flowing... and to bring you something unique.

How long does it take?

Sometimes we have a large backlog and need to close our books temporarily, because we never want to rush a job. However if your job is accepted you will be given a time frame of around 4-8 weeks. Nick only draws when he feels like it - so that what comes out is something he is proud of, not something he felt pressured to create! Hence the long time frame, to allow for the process to be something you will love!

Can you do it for me if I’m overseas?

Sure! We can send you a digital copy of your finished design.

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