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Pen For Hire Drawing Service

Let us Draw for You!

Tired of the “same ol’ same ol’” computer generated “art” that is infiltrating the market?  Looking for good old fashion hand drawn images that reflect your imagination, your brand, your style?  Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve created everything from team tee shirts and company logos through to wedding invitations and book illustrations… let us create something unique for you!

(There is a form at the bottom of this spiel for you to fill in to contact us.  But first, here are all the details….)


How it Works:

Contact us direct – via the form below – and give us a run-down of who you are and what you are after.  Be sure to include:

  • the details of what you want – is it a graphic for a new business tee … or a drawing for your sports team shirt?
  • your company/sports group/brand details – so we can see who you are and get a feel for your look
  • references to any of our artwork that you particularly like – and explain why – so we get a feel for the style you prefer

We will then contact you back, clarify your brief and give you a quote.  If you are happy to proceed, we will then send you an invoice requesting a 50% deposit for us to get started on your design.



The “Concept Drawing” is done – we will sketch up a concept drawing – this is pretty much our interpretation of what you have told us… in our own unique way!  The concept drawing will typically be a basic hand sketch showing the layout, the composition and the “guts” of the image.  This is where we collaborate with you the most. We want your feedback! Major (or minor) changes/likes/dislikes can all be discussed and worked through here until you are happy with the direction your design is taking.


The “Line Work” is done – Once the concept drawing is finalised (which means no further “major” changes are able to be made as the “bones” are down – the drawing scale is decided and the concepts are all good) Nick draws the basic outline/image.  So, it looks a bit cleaner and clearer than the concept drawing did.   You can have a look again here and if there are any “small” amendments to be made, this is where we can take care of them.


The “Details” are done – This is where Nick goes to work creating the details of the image – doing the shading, making things unique and giving the graphics depth.  This is where the image comes to life.


The “Digitalisation” is done – We will now digitalise the image so that we can email it to you as a high res digital file – which you can simply give to your printer so that your tees can be printed!


During the entire process we’ll flick the image back and forth between you and us and work hard to ensure you love the final product!  Our lines of communication stay open throughout the process.  However please remember, major changes are going to be really time consuming if they start to happen after our initial brief is agreed upon. Our designs are drawn by hand – they are not created by cutting or pasting images or shapes on a computer – we are “old school” and our designs reflect this – that’s why they look the way they do!  So, to ensure you, our client, knows the importance of making changes before we move ahead through the stages, we limit our changes to 4 per design.  Any more may incur a further cost.


In the End – We will email you your completed high res image to print as you wish.

(Disclaimer some smaller images or logos may skip some of these steps – it depends on your actual brief really) 



Can you print the tees for us?

Yes, yes we can!  Often this is a good option because by us organising the printing, it can help to absorb the drawing costs for you.  We can give you a quote on your finished printed products, just ask!

Is our drawing going to be in black and white or colour?

All our artwork is quoted to be done in black and white however colour is available if you wish, an at additional cost.  Just let us know if you want this.

How much does it cost?

Naturally that will depend on what’s involved in your specific brief. Our art varies so much – from basic logos through to complex artwork, so please be specific in your enquiry so we can quote accurately.

How many changes can I make to my idea as its drawn?

Well this is important and addressed above, but just to clarify…. the “concept” stage will be a very collaborative time for us – we will work with you a lot here, to make sure we’re on the same page so that any changes along the way are minor.

How long does it take?

It depends on a few things such as: the detail of your design, the amount of work Nick has on, your response times to our updates and questions, etc.  However, we generally say the process will take between 2 and 6 weeks.

Can you do it for me if I’m overseas?

Yes…. we can email you anywhere in the world!!

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